Simply having a business website is no longer enough. These days, your website design must sparkle, and its content must be rich and engaging. It must excite, and even more importantly, it must inspire the viewer to take action. One or two pictures taken on your iPhone accompanied by a wordy, boring explanation of the products and services a business has to offer does none of these things. In fact, shallow content like that is actually counter-productive.


The truth is your customers almost certainly visit your website before they visit your business, and if your website design is outdated and clunky your potential customer will view you as being outdated and clunky, too.

Edgewater Multimedia provides customized, creative website design that will upgrade your website and make it stand out from your competitors. Your website design will be cutting-edge and convince visitors that your business is at the forefront of your industry.


Edgewater Multimedia’s web design experts includes not only gifted web designers with experience making brands shine through stunning professional websites, but also include professionals in photography, video production, audio production and copywriting. This cross-disciplined team offers you more than just traditional web design elements.

Edgewater Multimedia gives you high-level audio and visual media, to achieve a more cohesive look and feel for your website. A professionally designed website is a gateway for your customers that will reinforce your brand and enhance your revenue.


If you’re a new business or you’re just launching your web presence, Edgewater Multimedia will help you create a brand and corporate identity, with top-quality graphic art, photography and video content.

Our web design team will deliver highly unique, eye-catching logos, with an emphasis on color, shape and aesthetic detail to ensure your site not only provides information, but does so with brilliant visuals that will encourage visitors to spend more time on your site, and refer it to others.


Plus, our web design experience will insure that your website looks good and functions efficiently. Edgewater Multimedia will make sure your website is cross-browser compatible and fully responsive on all devices, so that everything from fonts, to spacing, to colors is purposeful and eye-pleasing.

And to save you time and money, our web design specialists will get you up and running quickly, with prompt, proper updates and maintenance, tailored to your specification. Our web design team spends time updating your website each month to ensure it is running properly.


All websites should include search engine optimization, and Edgewater Multimedia’s web design pros can help.

We’ll improve your search engine rankings, which will funnel more customers to your business and make it easier for those who are looking for your goods or services to find you.

First impressions matter

So if your website is no longer captivating to a modern audience, let Edgewater Multimedia’s web design experts make your website shine!