“A picture is worth a thousand words.” Modern use of this axiom was coined over a hundred years ago by a newspaper editor, who was discussing journalism and publicity. His exact quote was, “Use a picture. It’s worth a thousand words,” but while the wording has changed over the years, its message is still the same: Complex ideas are often more effectively conveyed by stunning photography than by a long, wordy description. In today’s high definition world, the quality of that photography separates first-rate presentations from the also-rans.


Edgewater Multimedia specializes in top-shelf, high-resolution photography that’s guaranteed to engage the eye and inspire the imagination. Our photography experts use the latest equipment and most sophisticated techniques to capture visually stunning images designed to tell your story at a glance.

Staging, lighting, angles and nuance are but a few of the many skills our photography professionals employ to create the imagery that will communicate your message in a spectacular manner.


Our photography will accent any personal or professional display with panache and style and is guaranteed to elicit the desired response from your target audience. Users are constantly scrolling and swiping, and you only have a second to make a good first impression.

From simple headshots to our custom-built websites – business literature to social media – even product, event, or real estate photography – professional-grade photos from Edgewater Multimedia are the most effective way to reach customers in today’s media. Every non-interactive customer-facing image must be as good as the rest of your brand, and our photography delivers – every time!


At Edgewater Multimedia, we consider each photography session to be an exercise in careful control and precise manipulation of lighting, detail and composition, so that the finished product always arrives as close to perfect in-camera as possible.

Then, we expertly utilize the most detailed software in post-production adjustments, so we can maximize the images we’ve captured. The results are extraordinarily beautiful and graphically compelling beyond your wildest imagination.


We take great pride in our wide array of photography skill sets, ranging from the latest aerial techniques to cutting edge motion control systems and even time-lapse imagery, all designed to connect an audience to your story in an exciting and memorable manner.

Express your narrative

Let Edgewater Multimedia show you how our gifted professional photographers can express your narrative with pictures that are worth more than a thousand words, and fully command the undivided attention of your audience.