Need a radio commercial? How about a podcast or a syndicated radio show? What about an audiobook or custom audio for your video, web applications, or digital media?


Edgewater Multimedia is your ideal home for audio production. Our staff and their decades of experience in the audio industry will make sure your audio production is top notch. Highlighted by Marconi-Award Winning Randy Hames, our team has a wealth of audio production talent at your fingertips.

From Randy’s own award-winning copywriting and voiceover skills, to a team of talented in-house producers and engineers with experience in radio, audio post, sound design, and commercial mixing, to a nationwide network of voice talent, your audio production will be in terrific hands with the gifted staff at Edgewater Multimedia.


Edgewater Multimedia employed the finest studio designers in the world to construct a suite of acoustically-tuned rooms to capture and mix stunning sounds in ways that will translate to diverse listening environments.

We’ve spared no expense to equip our studios with the latest and most functional audio equipment in the business, including a state-of-the-art SSL AWS 924 Delta console, incredibly accurate monitoring by Focal, Genelec, and JBL, outboard processing by API, Empirical Labs, and an extensive suite of plugins by Universal Audio, Sound Toys and Slate Digital – plus a wide selection of handpicked microphones to assure the best possible audio capture techniques.


Great music is also at the heart of almost any video production, and Edgewater Multimedia is uniquely qualified to compose, record, edit and integrate custom music beds to enhance and enrich the soundtrack of your video and audio production.

Edgewater also features a large stable of talented studio musicians and an experienced production team to create one-of-a-kind scores that will set your audio production apart. We also maintain a vast library of pre-recorded music from which you may choose.

Need to sound great on your next project?

Trust Edgewater Multimedia for all your audio production needs.